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Crime in Newark is an everyday thing
In Newark their is alot of crime
Over 100 people have been shot in Newark in just the past year
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Newark is great place to live, but you must be aware of dangerous surroundings
The area that I live is great. It is not as bad as what I have heard from other.
The city of Newark is okay for the most part. Yes we are still working on some things to make our city better but we aren't looking at what's really important, and that is the people in our community. the death rates are raising every month, people are dying left and right, and most of all we the people of the community do not work together to creat a strong, better Newark.
I've lived here since I can remember.nrhe neighbors are very friendly and everyone looks out for each other if they see someone in need of help or anything else. Everybody interacts with One another and the neighborhood is just peaceful and quiet.
The businesses in my area are ok when I need just a few things.
food and drink is okay
The local business are okay
The crime safety is good
the weather is okay it is not too bad.
the area is relatively safe. there are incidents of crime, but overall its okay.
i have been job hunting in this are for about 18 months. the market is slow and unresponsive.
there are many of stores to choose from. Some of them are high end and a few are just dinky. We also have some family-owned business that have been in the area for quite a while.
Eh i can't provide much info on this
It's a Suburb/urban city. You can't expect much natural anything.
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There is surprisingly a could amount of effort being put into environmental works.
I mean because of some of the new health laws birth control is now in abundance and teenagers are now more aware of dangers of sex and such. But, but the health education is still lacking. I don't know if its because children choose not to learn or because the schools are not doing their job.
Yes I live in Newark, but my area of Newark has seen some progress in safety. But just like anything in life, you just have to have common sense and Know where to walk and when to walk there.