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South Providence is a residential area in Providence, RI. I frequently hear gunshots nearby, but honestly it could be worse. I would say it's about average for a part of town in poverty and not well taken care of. Nothing bad has ever happened to me here and I live on a cute residential street with lots of trees and old houses. Could be better, but like I said.. could be worse
There was a whole lot of murders and gang activity which make it unsafe.
the house arent the best but i cant complain they can be better. people dont take care of their house so it explains alot
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Lately the crimes in my area have gotten worst over the years and nobody seems to anything about it
I feel that our public services is horrible because i work 2 jobs they take a lot in taxes but i dont see where that money goes
in my are the weather is horrible in the winter. we get too much snow to a point that some people cant leave their houses. in the spring the weather isn't that bad only the rain but everybody is okay with that.
They are a lot of different kinds of food and drink places around my area. Mostly people tend to go eat is Chinese food, pizza, and frozen yogurt.
Finding a job or any type of job is hard because now they require you to have a lot of qualifications which some of us don't have yet.
The stores that I live around mostly have what I need at the time but most of the the time they don't. That's where big companies come on I wish they were some around me because it's annoying not having the things you need around you or walking distance.
there are a lot of different types of restaurants that there to try.