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Upper Shockoe Valley Reviews

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It's a growing area, with it's safe and less-safe blocks.
Church Hill is a great place to live...if you have to live in the Richmond area :)
Lots of local businesses, local restaurants and minimal chain restaurants in the downtown area
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The city is very humid and there's lots of smog, makes winter not as cold sometimes. The snow removal is pretty effective and it can rain quite a bit.
For dentistry there are a lot of dentists but people have been finding work. Most people work in banking or business.
It's hard to tell which properties are vacant, there's only street parking so you can't tell if there are cars in the garage or not because everyone parks on the street or in a parking lot or garage.
The apartment complex is mostly students, they don't stay very long.
Lots of food choices and options for multiple tastes, lots of local and organic, vegan etc.
Lots of history and museums for people to visit, the beach is not far away so that would be a better vacation spot.
The students and medical people usually take care of themselves but other local residents might not.
Appropriate response for fire department, very liberal government atmosphere here, lots of food stamps and handouts in the city.
I do not go out at night, that is when most bad things happen.
Busy roads, construction happens pretty quickly here.
Lots of different people, local residents all similar but the ones here for education are a variety
Lots of parks, trails, hiking, events and outdoor activities close by.
Downtown in the city, lots of noise and people