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Upper Roxborough Reviews

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More recent break-ins/robberies, but overall pretty safe area
Great neighborhood to grow up in, but recently getting worse in overall rating.
This isn't the most dangerous neighborhood, but its not the safest either. Its not dangerous and you almost always feel safe. The safety is improving.
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It's a great tight knit community to live in, and especially to get involved in.
There are malls within 20 minute ride. There is a small shopping center nearby. There are the shops in Chestnut hill with farmers markets and retail stores.
Many people are public and private school principals and teachers. many also are policemen and women and nurses, firemen and women and EMT'S. Many work for the government and local gas and water companies.
The community in this area is okay, it could use cleaning up.
There are a lot of food options that are local and mostly inexpensive.
The city is close-by, but in the actual neighborhood there isn't a lot to do.
There are new/many gyms and there are many healthcare places and hospitals nearby.
There are more houses and buildings rather than places to play or relax. There are playgrounds/ playing fields but not too many.
The general atmosphere is good. It's a good neighborhood to grow up in, but I'd prefer a different neighborhood when I'm older.
There are a lot of grocery stores and gas stations. There are smaller stores rather than larger stores. There aren't many places to buy clothes.