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there isn't really any sort of true crime. Except for the rare car accidents. The accidents are usually a car hitting something, however, there is very few, if any, people getting hit by a car.
The area is going downhill. Families are getting mugged coming home for smart phones. The area is not safe to walk around in day light and night.
This area could get better with help.
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The area is dangerous. Robbery, drugs, and violence is a common occurrence
Most local business are family ran and owned. They aren't the best and
The jobs in the area are very little and don't pay well. The only job openings that pay a decent wage are high executive business positions within the company's in my downtown district
I experience all for season since I live in New jersey. It is currently winter so staying bundled up and indoors is a must.
In this area, crime is pretty existent and clearly noticeable. Walking around this area, there is always a hint of fear and caution because you never know what will happen. Police may come once in a while to monitor, however, that doesn't make the area any safer, if anything it makes it much more dangerous.
The houses in general all look the same in terms of exterior appearance. in terms of internal appearance, they for the most part look the same as well except for minor exceptions. There aren't really many perks of living in this area as opposed to others for example, good neighborhood, garage, yard (for pets, sittings, etc.)
There isn't much of a variety of easily accessible stores in this area. Within proximity, there are a few small stores, a supermarket, and things of that sort. However, big company stores are seldom found in this area.
There are little business around the area, most of which include bodegas, liquor stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. However, I wouldn't exactly say the employment is excellent, especially in an area such as this one.
It has amazing restaurants and a great downtown shopping section.
Branch Brook Park is beautiful, but people pollute the lakes too much!
The education system is getting worse under the control of Governor Chris Christie, but the public school system shaped me and got me to where I am today.
The majority of people here are hard workers who get along with most people.
The businesses in my neighborhood are mainly owned by Hispanics, all whom speak little English. You can survive with the products being offered, but it's nothing special.