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There's a lot to do-many places to eat, relax, go out for drinks, breweries...however rent and homes for sale are priced very high.
Too expensive. There is no way that anyone can afford to live in this neighborhood, unless you make upwards of 75k a year.
this neighborhood is great! A lot of things to do, very strong sense of community, but rapidly becoming a trap of yuppies and their families.
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The housing in this area is getting a lot better. They are currently restoring old homes and remodeling them.
In my community, we have a local super market that I rate okay. It's tiny, doesn't have fresh food items, and the store is very crowded. The reason I rate it okay is because of the location, it's very close to my apartment. I also have to rate the local gas stations in this area okay as well. They have cheap prices, friendly workers, but they never have anything in stock.