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Upper Kensington Reviews

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I like that there are plenty of corner stores to go to get things. The schools are pretty good. The neighborhood is very diverse. It could be better if they eliminated the prostitution around the way and people shooting up on the streets.
A lot of crime happens here
It has bad parts and good parts. Nothing actually special about it unless you have lived here for a long time
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I wish I could live in a better place.
You cannot workout outside because people are drugged or drunk.
It's not a great place if you are planning to find a job.
I can say its okay because I have lived here for about 5 years but someone coming from a nice neighborhood will not appreciate it.
Exactly where I live its really bad but if you go out to the city you will be glad of what you will expirience.
You can't go outside without seeing a drug addict.
The food and soft drinks are tiring. There's not enough diversity.