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Have been living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for over 7 years now, and I always feel safe. Although its safety and family friendliness is something everyone can agree is true here, there is a lack of diversity seen through age, race, and economic status. It's the Aspen of Colorado- Hamptons of Long Island- or Beverly Hills of California. Not everyone can afford it, but its a great area for visitors to grab a bite!
I think that the people are very friendly here and that the sense of community is wonderful. I see people walking their dogs all the time or strolling past stores, and it makes my time here all the more enjoyable. Traffic is a problem from time to time, though.
The Upper East Side is a neighborhood that has a nice blend of everything(food,good transportation,safety,etc...).
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I have been living in the Upper East Side for three years, and I adore it. Living near the park has been essential to my mental health and has given me great focus when it comes to my education. New York can be so overwhelming and congested, but the Upper East Side is like nowhere else: it is quiet, calm and extremely friendly. I can't imagine living anywhere else in New York.
Friendly, clean, and many great restaurants! There are subways and buses in this neighborhood that typically run on schedule. There are convenience stores, gyms, coffee shops, and schools all within walking distance.
Great neighborhood, especially now that the Second Avenue subway has opened, making public transportation throughout the City much more efficient. Lots of great restaurants and cafes.
The Upper East Side allows you to be a part of a community while still being in a major city. There is much less NYC hustle and bustle running through this homey neighborhood.
The Upper East Side is quiet and has plenty of affordable restaurants near my residence that are open late and deliver. Essential shops and locations are located walking distance ( i.e post office, pharmacy, city md, target etc.)
Nothing has ever happened to me and I have never heard of something happening to anybody
Although I like the area a lot because it's very close to central park and the east river I am not such a big fan of the noise.
very few incidents, very safe area, but lately there have been a few incidents. I don't feel threatened being alone on the street after dark, but I feel the street lights could be better.
For the last few years, it's been difficult with building the Second Avenue subway, traffic is bad, stores are having difficulty with construction blocking their storefronts. Once finished it should make life better.
I feel very safe in this neighborhood during the day and at night.
This area is great. It's very residential but it seems that as each week goes by, more and more restaurants and shops keep popping up which is exciting. Also, soon we will have the second avenue subway which will improve this area even more.
Probably one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC.
It really is the best -- tons of options for food, culture, close to many parks, great promenade along the East River. But it is so, so expensive.
My partner has lived in this area for over two years and has never had an issue with crime or safety.
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I absolutely love my neighborhood! By the water, quiet and close to the new Second Avenue Subway that is opening up this year.
Mostly crime seems okay. It doesn't seem like there is much crime around. However on the first day I checked to see if my keys worked in my new building, there was a sign on the door from the super explaining that a thief had been let in by saying he had a package, and that the thief had to be chased out. This was scary. Since then there has not been a problem, but I am very cautious when buzzing someone into the building.
The area is fine, however it doesn't feel like it has character at all. There is nothing special about it in my opinion. There are bodegas on many corners and you can find what you need. There are not many cool places close in vicinity to me. Near 86th st. there are more options and further downtown there are more, but in the 70s there is not much variety on York Ave. It is close to my school so it is convenient. I do love my church. It is an exceptional church in NYC. Very welcoming and open, something that is very comforting to find in a Catholic church in NYC. I appreciate how many families attend mass there.