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Ive been robbed three times as well as family
I have to be worried every time i leave the house
There is crime everywhere and the police are barely doing anything about it.
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The majority of Newark is impoverished and the people in the government are doing nothing about it because they do not care.
There has been a higher amount of police around recently
Most of the people my age are not attending school
the weather is okay. just the regular hot in summer
there is not alot of work oppurtunites in this area
there are very few parks and conveneience to outdoor where i live
there are a lot of abandon houses on my street due to violence in the area
i get everything i need in this area. they are a few mom and pops shops
i live near a lot of fast food restaurants, bar live
Only thing here is fast food and corner stores
Homicides left and right STOP THE VIOLENCE!!
I haven't had a bad experience but the amount of violence and negativity that occurs is very disheartening and disturbing, this is not a place to raise your family.
The parks are nice but the people make it a bit uncomfortable. Litter also makes it difficult.
The community and area I live in isn't the greatest place in the world, because of crime, poverty, and pollution. Because of these factors most people continue tend to constantly more around until they find stability or until they find a location they find safe enough to call home where they can raise there kids and have a family/
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The local attraction in the city that I live in is the Prudential Center because its a multipurpose sports area so because of the events held hear such as hockey, nba, wnba, music concerts, circus, ect, it allows a wide variety of people to come to this one place or area that essentially caters to all.
Its not that bad there is a good flow of business