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There were three local high schoolers involved with he murdering of a mother in the presence of her newborn baby. If tis isn't bad, i don't know what is.
This neighborhood has earned a reputation as one of the worst neighborhoods with poor living conditions, high crime rates, and terrible local schooling.
We don't have a lot of things going on in my neighborhood. Since I've moved in I haven't heard any sirens or watching the news and see someone got killed in my neighborhood
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It's a very friendly neighborhood. The other neighborhoods I lived in were pretty bad
Crime isn't that bad in our area. We do have a high crime rate over all, but if can be fixed. I feel safe leaving the door unlocked in our area. I mean we stay on a good street and we're very close to a lot of our neighbors, so it isn't a real big problem .
If I had the chance to move to another area I would , but because I want something different. The area is friendly . We stay near a school and by local stores so we don't have to travel far for anything.
many people exercise n drugs aren't a problem
the weather here is ok, we get rain n snow like everyone else but nothing major
at times it can be hard to find a job.
there are many different places to choose from with great service.
my area has lots of restaurants and shopping centers to purchase needed things.