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University Town Center Reviews

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Not too many crimes here
Everything is really great here. The streets, the schools, and the people.
I've never heard about crime in this area.
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The atmosphere of Irvine is great. I feel safe and everything is within reach.
This area is small and does not get much popularity. It's more of a college town than anything.
The city is very safe and peaceful. Everyone's friendly and considerate.
This is a college community, so neighbors are college students, so sometimes it gets loud in the middle of the night.
Southern California experiences mostly sunny weather year round. Occasionally, earthquakes, thunderstorms and wind storms occur, but are not severe. There is a drought in Irvine, unfortunately.
This rating is more for the bars/ drinks in Irvine, rather than the restaurants. There are many nice restaurants, mostly of asian decent or a large food chain. Many of the restaurants have nice happy hours. There is only one bar in Irvine, which is located on the UCI campus.
There are many companies in this area so the job atmosphere is very competitive, however there are not many jobs open and available. It is a very competitive atmosphere in this area with few jobs for college students.
Mom-and-pop shops are not as abundant as big companies in this area. Irvine is very industrial and open to big chain companies versus small mom-and-pop shops.
Not many crimes happen here.
Irvine is a business city. Good jobs, so obviously not too easy to get.
Lot of restaurants. A LOT
Huge variety of restaurants. Barely any bars or nightlife.
Irvine's boring, but neighboring cities are fun
Orange County is by far one of the most beautiful