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I love University city! It is very calm, the people are polite, and it's a good atmosphere. There is a newsletter in our community and events are held to strengthen community bonds. It is a safe neighborhood and people are comfortable with each other.
The people are very friendly. The schools here are pretty good. The neighborhood is also relatively safe. There are many job opportunities here (There's a large Westfield Mall called the "UTC Mall".) The traffic however, can be kind of bad in certain areas around 4-6 P.M. but mostly it's decent. It's definitely very diverse. Many people in my area come from different countries and states but there are also many people here that have lived here their entire lives.
The University City area of San Diego is very nice. However, it is pretty far north in location to where I attend school. It's very convenient for UCSD students. While there are a lot of housing options, it is very expensive. The area seems to be very retail and office building oriented. There are a lot of big bank buildings so it doesn't have a quant neighborhood feel. There can be a lot of car and bus traffic but it's still fairly walkable. The Westfield UTC mall is easy to get to, on foot.
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I like how everything in the area is close to each other and the grocery stores use local products on their shelves.
My area is a safe, rich neighborhood, but lately there has been news reports of sexual assualters and rape cases near my complex.
I live in an expensive apartment but it's near local supermarkets, mall, beach etc all within a 20 min drive. School is 30 minutes drive though.
Hope police will be helpful and nice
It is new living place and hope I ll get used to it
I don't know how responsive the police are because I haven't had the need to call the police. I have not heard of any crimes in my area nor do I see any vandalism or suspicious activity. The building where I stay also has it's own security monitoring the area. I feel very safe.
I can't say it is the best because where I am originally from--LA--is just as great. However, La Jolla provides a great atmosphere; everything is clean, fresh, the beach is minutes from you, everyone is friendly and compassionate. There is not one bad thing I have yet experienced.
There is low crime in this area as that it is a college area and the police station is about five min away and the fire dept is just as close as are the hospitals for civilians and veterans
I would for sure live in the same area again but maybe not the same apt complex, i love the area because it is close to shopping areas, dining places, financial institutions, and Schools/colleges.
Not much crime. Very kid friendly neighborhood.
University City is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Diego. Cannot beat the people, nor the schooling! Everything about this place is amazing. You get everything from canyons to beaches to hilly neighborhoods to flat ones. Beautiful place to live.
Occasional theft and assault but generally okay
Its a safe and convenient place to live
I have had no complaints so far. Really have not had to use anything so far, but there are so many ambulances parked nearby all the time so I feel fairly safe
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It is generally very near to many shopping centers and is conveniently located close to transportation to school, so I do enjoy the atmoshpere
I have not witnessed nor heard of any crimes that have yet occurred in my area.
I'm really happy with where I live; the area near the UTC mall feels very safe and friendly, and there are engaging things to do when I find that I have leisure time.