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The area I live in in fairly safe, the police at the school do a good job of monitoring the campus
The area around the CSUSB is not a bad place to live, there is some crime seen once in a while. I believe that there is crime everywhere you go. Some locations tend to be more targeted because of the socioeconomic status of the community. San Bernardino is not a very well off city so there is more crime seen in this city than there would be in a city with a lot of income.
I live right in front of campus so the area and environment is very safe! There are always cop cars patrolling the area. Regardless of the patrolling and the safety they enforce we have had incidents and crimes around the area, but it has only been a couple of times since I have lived there. Overall i feel safe in my community.
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When I first moved to San Bernardino for college I was literally scared because of all the negative things I had heard. For example, the crime. I can honestly say that I have lived here for 4 years and its the place I call home! I live very comfortably in the area. Its not the most luxurious or richest city but it does the trick and it fits my lifestyle. I have grown in this city, met lifelong friends, I fell in love, and I am getting my education in this city. I am honestly very glad I chose San Bernardino as the city where I wanted to pursue my education.
There have not been many issues too close to where I live. There are occasionally robberies and thefts near the campus.
There are some really bad areas in this city, but there are nice areas too. I would rather live in a place with more weather, California doesn't do it for me.
the weather is stable. but it is really hot in summer. we do not really have winter weather
there are only fast food restaurants. international foods are not really good. few kind of drinks are available. there are only starbucks and some smothies shops.
i don= not know much, but i think they are oka, because people here are friendly
in the area, there are some stores such as walmart, rarphs, ect. but there are no shopping mall. the restaurants are poor. the majority restaurants here are fast food restaurants.
There are vacant properties laying around, but it is not anything uncommon. If you wanted to live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, you'll definitely have to pay a lot of money for it.
There are some actual parts of San Bernardino that are immensely nice, but obviously it could be better. If you want to go somewhere nice you have to look for it. There is little to no wildlife, there is so much pollution, and the activity you can actually do is jog because everything is so vast.
It is okay, they only come when you actually call and are in dire need of help.
It is always fluctuating. On days it could be extremely hot, but then the next day it could rain.
There are places you can find to eat at during the night, but they are usually fast food restaurants. If you wanted to go to an actual restaurant you would have to travel quite the distance.
I have tried numerous times to get a job in my area, and have had no luck in getting a job. I live in a city that is ranked the worst city to find a job and it is the full on truth.
I prefer local businesses because they are much nicer than the company owned stores. People are more willing to help and I support in what they do, I want them to make a living as much as people who work for companies.
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Just wish they can give a better opportunities for jobs and