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Close to school (UP), accessible public transportation, friendly people and mostly quiet evenings. Some crime, but I don't feel unsafe- espeically with UP's Public Safety roaming the streets.
I haven't heard of many bad this occur in this area to be fair.
I think that the area is great. The university gives the place a nice vibe and safety is definitely not an issue in this part of the city.
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Food is okay. First night out, a group of friends and I ate at the east side deli and sub sandwich place. Plus lots of food places on the street across, Lombard.
Portland is generally good about responding to weather-related issues.
I live in a college residual area, thus half or more of these issues are prevalent.
I learned all my recycling habits in Portland.
Generally, it's important to always be cautious of your surroundings, even when it's your right of way.
Every place has its potentials of danger inhabiting it, but I generally feel safe.
There is plenty to do.
The diverse areas of Portland provide many different experiences.
Portland is great for outdoor activities on a sunny day. Great landscapes.
There's plenty of diverse opportunities, but not suitable for those with little to no prior experience.
The housing architecture is very unique and homey.
Portland residents are generally friendly. A stranger says, "Hello," and their jovial spirit compels you to respond back. They simply offer another reason to smile.
People are often encouraged not to be on the streets at night. There are a lot of people doing drugs and abusing alcohol here or committing crimes, so it's best to stay safe at night. In the day time is mostly feel safe, but I don't like when people on the street try to talk to me which is a lot.
You can get a lot of stuff around here. Groceries, car parts, food, and there's a lot of convenience stores. In St. John's there are a lot of mom and pop shops and restaurants, but we have big companies and chain restaurants too. There are a few really good taquerias and food carts that everybody loves. Most wouldn't go out of their way to come here but the residents really enjoy it.
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People can work anywhere here; chain restaurants, Starbucks, Fred Meyer, Goodwill, restaurants, other grocery stores. That's basically the only types of jobs in my are of the neighborhood unless you're a dentist, mechanic, or teacher. The farther you go beyond North Portland, such as Northeast, there are hospital jobs and housing jobs.