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There not too much too worry about were I live there are a few bumps though. Like in other apartment areas irt can get dangerous and come to were I live.
Our family is here because of the military and we need to be near the military base.
It's okay to live but I would like to see crime rate decrease.
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a new 24 hour gym opened up and the parking lot is always full
nothing exciting about the houses, they all look the same [ and too small]
lots of people just hanging around at nights and early mornings [when I got for walks] I get a little nervous at times
to me, it rains to much and the humidity gets very bad
If there were more restaurants in our area if would not only offer jobs it would get the community out, meeting others. [ only positive]
Limited stores which means only sales jobs.
Stores are either closed down or the ones that are open [which are limitied] the outside of the buildings need repair