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It's one of the safest cities in the country.
It's an amazing place to live all around, I am very privileged to live here.
Irvine is one of the safest cities in the United States. There aren't that many police around because, usually, they aren't needed. There aren't many crimes that are happening beyond minor traffic violations and the occasional loud party.
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It is very well maintained compared to other places I've lived. The general age is somewhat high, though there is a elementary and middle school nearby.
It's not that there's crime, it's that there's just a bunch of college students that get drunk every weekend and are loud all the time. Their EDM music will definitely make you go crazy. Tried calling security but that didn't work out. I don't even bother calling the local police because by the time they show up these crazy students will have all ran away. Underage drinking and use of marijuana is common in Irvine. It's just so frustrating cause I feel like IPD could do more but they don't. It's like HELLO some people are trying to live here. This is a college town so get used to stupid teens doing stupid things.
The only jobs you can find here are retail, fast-food, etc. All other jobs, like salary jobs, super competitive.
Local businesses are definitely a lot more expensive here in good ole Irvine. People overcharge like crazy, so you have to know where people are scamming you for your money. For instance I never go to a laundromat here, it's too expensive.
Because of the Indian supermarket nearby, there is easy access to Kosher products. I do not believe there are much variety in eating out around the neighborhood. We usually would need to spend at least 15 minutes of car ride, or many times longer, to eat at a restaurant.
The leasing office provides movie nights, annual events, holiday events, and many recreational activities available to residents. I believe many choose to people stay for years in this apartment complex.
I believe Irvine is one of the most safest neighborhoods nearby. I have heard maybe one or two crime incidents in the neighborhood, but none of them have affected me so far.
There is an Indian supermarket nearby called the Wholesome Choice, and the products are fairly priced for the quality. We used to go there very often.
Their is a very small gym facility at the leasing office, and there are multiple pools and jacuzzis in the apartment complexes.
There are many college students, and many Indian families in the neighborhood.
I have lived in Parkwest since kindergarden, and the one major problem we experienced was water leakage from upstairs, but while they fixed that, they let us stay in Marriot and paid for our expenses.