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Great places to run and be outside. Lots of affordable, unique private business. Generally safe. Near to Denver for good night life, but far enough that you don't feel like your in the City.
It's a beautiful, quiet area situated about 10 minutes southeast of downtown Denver. It is a college neighborhood, so the weekends get pretty rowdy. Rent is cheap and affordable. However, many eateries close quite early, even on the weekends. Great place to live.
It gets very dark here and there are assaults.
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It's ok, but stoners keep moving here.
I can honestly say that I don't notice the crime in the area. The city has some issue but they are being addressed.
Denver is a great, a fastly growing city that offers many different opportunities.
all houses now have cameras on them and crime seems to be down.
Colorado blvd is very close so traffic is loud. people drive down the streets too fast and we never get a snow plow
I feel extremely safe living in this area and do things around town. If i ever need the police, they are accessible and are there to help.
The cost of living is appropriate for the area and for how much property you will receive. Majority of houses are not vacant or abandoned in this area, and are actually kept up well by its owners.
The weather in this area is the best!!! It can be snowing in the morning and then 60 degrees in the afternoon and all the snow will be melted. We get all four seasons which is the best and I love how I get to experience all types of weather while living in one location.
There are a few mom-and-pop stores around here, but not a huge number of them. They do pretty well competing against the big companies in the area. But there are more big companies in this area.
It is very safe for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel around because of the paths and bike ways that have been put in place to keep them safe!
I think that the police and fire stations in this area are well prepared and have a great response time when called to action. There are police cars driving around occasionally to make sure that no one is speeding or anything like that which is good. Over all it is a very safe place because of the good enforcement around us.
Majority of people who live in this area are employed and have well paying jobs. There are many jobs available in this area that have good wages and it's employees like their jobs.
The food and drink options in this area are multiple in number and in variety. There are options for every type of craving or preference. There are many chain restaurants as well as local unique restaurants which are always fun to go to as well as delicious. Over all this is a great area if you want to find something good to eat.
This area is awesome because there is a great mixture off all types of businesses ranging from mom-and-pop to more modern.
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I am not employed in this area, but it seems like a great area for employment with a variety of options.