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The University of Minnesota is a great place to live in part because of the surrounding communities. It is diverse so everyone can find their place. Public transportation is above average allowing some quick commutes. Breaking outside of the campus bubble can be difficult for students but is definitely worthwhile. Sometimes, in neighborhoods near the U of M campus you feel unsafe, but if walking with a group of people it is generally fine. There is nightlife either in the city (clubs and bars) or on campus (house parties and college bars). There are a couple groceries stores only a few lightrail stops away, otherwise you can usually find someone with a car who is willing to have company on their grocery store trip. I wouldn't call the immediate University of Minnesota area family friendly but many nearby suburbs are nice for families. The University of Minnesota and Minneapolis in general has a great job market. A lot of companies here are growing, and the university hires in droves.
It seems fine to me but every few weeks the university posts about a crime in the area. Usually not too big a deal though I don't think.
The place I'm staying at is on the freeway and a ten minute walk to Dinkytown. There are no real grocery stores nearby and without a car this is a problem for me.
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It's decent, but big cities bring more crime.
It is a wonderful place to live and experience.
The area has been a great place for me to live. However, I do not always feel safe there and I don't think that race relations with law enforcement are as good as they should be.
Minneapolis has a wonderful and youthful atmosphere! There is a great emphasis on education and healthcare in this area! I have never seen this many billboards about physical and mental health in any other state.
Much of the housing in the area is apartments. There has been a large apartment boom near the University of Minnesota. At the time many are in the process of being filled.
Nice view of the Mississippi.
A lot of apartments, few houses
I live very close to the UMPD.
There's a lot going on.
Most people are students, so for jobs we need it's great.
It's a college campus, so it works for me.
There are some nice restaurants near by in Dinkytown and the surrounding areas. The dorm food that the University of Minnesota is alright.
Its nice during the summer. It is even better during the winter!
I really like the variation in the smaller stores in the area. Everything you need is within reasonable walking or bus-ing distance.
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I live on the University of Minnesota campus. There are always jobs for those looking.
Lots of different options but not many bars/clubs.
This area has many great, different areas for employment.