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I’m more of an introverted person so this review is for those like me. The partying is a HUGE aspect of UD. No matter what they say, it’s nearly impossible to get away from it because everyone is involved. If your not a huge partier, you will feel like an outcast and left out. Introverts also beware of the housing situation. First year you will have one roommate and from there you will have 3-4 roommates for the rest of your time at UD. If you are someone who needs their quiet time, look very carefully during the roommate process or else you can end up super trapped like me. Make sure you get someone respectful and quiet or it’ll be a rough experience for you.
If you are a partier though this school will be your dream school. UD has a student neighborhood flooding with house parties and have a few popular bars around the area where lots of people meet up and have a good time.
The weather can change in a matter of minutes. At 10am it can be sunny at 79 degrees and then at 12pm it can all change to a cool 56 degrees with thunder storms. But over all weather is not that bad
Just the community itself is enough to make Dayton OH a great place to live. Is is inexpensive and fun at the same time. It has different things to offer and I would not change it for anything.
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It is not the best public service that I have experienced but it is good enough that it helps students and locals to move around without any major difficulties.
The food is great because it has something for everyone, from Mexican to authentic Chinese food which is what any college student would like. It has affordable dancing/clubbing places around the area which help with he college budget.
Most jobs are small businesses owned which don't end up paying as much as people would like but big businesses also give the minimum wage when it comes to its employees. I is relatively easy to fin but most are full and not looking for new workers.
Most local businesses are welcoming and with a touch of community.They give yo personal help, tips/tricks and advice that can help you make better choices. The big companies just over power the small businesses but even with this as a down side, small businesses are still thriving.