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University of California - Riverside Reviews

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It is fantastic university because every thing is excellent there. I remembered they have good teachers and great professors there.Living there is very loveable.
Better expansion on improving student funds for specific things like grants, scholarships, and other work opportunities that benefits the students.
There is crime everywhere, this area is 50/50
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I honestly love living in this area, its filled with students and close to campus.
The neighborhoods surrounding the campus of UC Riverside can be described as deserted and quiet. However I begged to differ. Walking to and from campus almost everyday I have familiarized myself with the neighborhood quite well. From my stand point, this area is relatively perfect to live in. Besides the one hundred degree weather during the summer, every other aspect of a typical urban neighborhood falls into place here. When I walk down Flanders Drive towards Watkins Avenue, my first encounter is usually the family of five that seems to always be in a rush to get to school. Next is the elder grandmother who adores her garden, after that is the family with every pet and soon enough I bump into the row of houses occupied by the many college students attending university near by. As you can see, this neighborhood is quite like every other. The atmosphere is most definitely one of a calm environment mixed with a diverse community of students and families. It is because of this fine mixture that I chose to live here and continue to do so. Ranked to others, it is small in size. Personally, I count that as a plus. For in the future, I see this community turning into a hub for self-sufficient middle class citizens. Most importantly a hub for go-getter scholars.
My area is mostly made up of elderly citizens, some families, and college students so crime is low for the most part. The main issue if any is when students have parties but they keep it civil overall.
This area is fairly flexible when it comes to student life, the campus sprawl is relative to the places that students find themselves in. Restaurants and local businesses alike offer many opportunities for the residents in terms of employment and service.
It is really just a college area, not too much of a residential life.
Area isn't perfect, but campus police are active
Currently I live on campus, and it's safe.
The crime is kept to a minimal mainly because the area is mainly inhabited by college students, and also because of that police are very visible and when called upon, do arrive in a timely manner.
I do like where I live, and it has a big opportunity to greatly have an impact on the next generation. The atmosphere here is very forward going, restaurants, coffee shops, and students all create an atmosphere that help one's own mind be proactive.
There is a sense of safety if you are around campus but it starts to fade a little once you leave campus because there happen to be robberies occurring every single week.
The main reason I'm living here is because I go to school here. Most of the time the neighborhood around campus is calm and at times a bit noisy. Riverside however lacks entertainment and things to do topass te time.
Every once in a while there are some crimes, and so it is somewhat unsafe
It is somewhat unsafe but at the same time has good police presence. Near the school
There is not a lot of crime here and I have seen cops acting accordingly, but more frequently than not I see them harassing harmless individuals.
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This area is welcoming, safe, and entertaining.
It's close to campus and has a shuttle that stops all over campus every day, but that's pretty much all that's good about living here. Most people only live here for a year.
Well I currently am living in the forms at the University of California, Riverside and overall the community is very friendly and it makes the living experience her great overall. So no complains on my part.