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University of California - Irvine Reviews

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The school is amazing .The campus is huge. It space as a huge circle with a park in the middle. There lots of majors to chose from . It the one the top university in the United States. Go ANTEATER!!!!
i like this university because of its ranking....this university gives better oppertunity than other university...
It's a nice school that's located in a safe area. The teaching is very good and is largely focused on sciences. The attached medical school is also a bonus when looking at it for the long term if you're interested in going into medicine. The community is nice and everyone is friendly I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a 4 year university.
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The University of Irvine is a green, beautiful city! Nature is everywhere, and friendly people too. The neighborhood is so perfect it is almost unrealistic as in living in a bubble, secluded from real world issues. Although the campus lacks diversity its population is growing slowly.
It is very safe. However there are not many activities in Orange County.
Living in Irvine is beautiful. It's one of the safest cities, as I've heard. It's a small city, and close to many places.
There has been nothing bad happening around here but elsewhere. It is peaceful and family-like town.
It's clean and beautiful and close to the beach
There are no places to go
It is very beautiful down here. A lot of things here are easily accessible.
Housing is great and everything is top shape perfect. However, high pricing.
It honestly feels so safe in UCI. Whenever a crime happens, people report it.
It's Socal! The weather is almost always warm and you can wear shorts everywhere. However there is a drought so water conversation is important.
There are many popular restaurants, and they all have pretty good food. However, the price is pretty high because this is a college area.
I live in a college area, so there are countless opportunities everywhere.
There are lots of stores and very nice looking places but they are pretty average and the prices for all of the them are relatively high.
Not too sure of this.
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My local area is great, there are many places around that convenient to go to at almost any moment and not too far from home, walking distance.
I personally havent done many outdoor activities here, so I cant really answer this honestly
The public services arent something that can be complained about