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Was a lot more dangerous, is pretty close to mueller, so it is becoming more gentrified. Because of this, it is becoming less and less dangerous and less and less diverse; however, some things havent changed yet, like the schools and healthy living.
There is not wrong with people cars or anything but just dogs roam around in the streets.
The area is really quite, not many people would cause trouble for their neighbor or anyone in the neighborhood. Most people have pets or kids so there a lot of playing around so parents are outside checking on them.
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I love my house. Even though the neighborhood is hilly, I like the city. I like being able to take the bus and meeting very interesting people there. The city has lots to offer as long as you time it right and don't get caught in miles of traffic. The car aspect is the worst.
We have wooded areas and hiking trails
The houses here are unique, and most of them have nice sized yards.
Most of our services are good, but it would be nice to have more prompt street and sidewalk maintenance services so that we can have safe streets free of potholes!! I believe the city is working on that by creating a 311 app so that you can send a request as soon as you see an issue.
The crime rate changes here depending on the time of year. Its not too bad but its noticeable from time to time.
The weather here stays hot most of the time. we have flooding sometimes in certain areas. But we mostly suffer from wildfires due to the hot temperatures here.
This is Austin so your options are endless. Have you ever heard of keep Austin weird?
You can find a job, it may not pay well or be what you want but its work.
They are ok, some run down others nice
in case of a matter. it gets fixed quite quickly.
The weather around here is probably the best.
i probably wouldn't mind living here in the future.
They are store open but not open late at night.
The police have been around and they arrive very fast.
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I don't think its known for something big.
Going outside I can see the trees and the nature.
Probably a few teenagers work around the community.