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The most backwards place on earth. Poverty is third world ish, No jobs unless your panhandling. A dump is an upgrade. Absolutely disgusting hell on earth..
The crime is being cracked down on and it is improving slowly but surely.
Newark has its parts and its moments. Some areas can get loud and rowdy and not to nice. Other areas are very quiet and nice and welcoming. It depends who you know and what part you're in.
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Newark is mainly known for it's crime rate, but it's not in the entire city. Most of the crime, whatever it may be, happens in a specific part of town. If you are not in that part of town, you will be okay.
Newark is sometimes known for it's crime rate but most of the crime happens on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. There are good parts of town and there are bad parts - just like with most places. Safety is important, since a lot of people run lights, walk whenever they want to, etc. I have been in worse places but I have also been in better places. I think that the city is trying to make it a better place. Recently, there were new apartments built, a new grocery store, new fast food places, and things like that. Seeing how everyone wants Newark to be a good and safe place, I think it has potential.
Living in Newark is difficult, and I can honestly say that I would try and stay as far away from it as possible if I did not go to school here. Many lives I feel unsafe, but I really have no other options but to make the most of the experiences I have here.
I would choose to live here again only if there would be more housing complexes around the downtown area which has a more police presence. The area is still dangerous during night and needs to drive all the bad out of the city
It would be an nicer place to live if it weren't for the crime rate. It's in the process of being gentrified, which has it's own disadvantages, but I'll look forward to the increased security.
There for my education. It has it's ups and downs ranging from students being robbed, to an active police force.
It has been getting better over the years but it still is pretty bad.
If you have at least an Associate's then you'll be able to pull a pretty good job.
The business in the area are probably better than okay but many look decrepit so no one wants to go inside.