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I like how people can be nice/ helpful and neighborly at time, however there are many rude/ inconsiderate individuals that also live in the area. There also seems to be a population of homeless people/ drug users in the are and I've personally witnessed drug users on the street injecting themselves.
Very family oriented, close knit area. Very diverse. Subways are within walking distance. And it also has a great shopping district. You can find parks in walking distances for kids to play. The only down side to the neighborhood may be that it does need more restaurants that are as diverse as the people. Way too many fast food chains.
Decent public schools for children of all ages, additionally there's a community college close by if one wanted to attend college. There's also many great places to eat and a park not to far away to enjoy the day.
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I live approximately 5 mins from a precinct yet I've been robbed twice and both times the police took over an hour to show up. It is obvious that they are around but are definitely not as fast responding as they can be.
Even though there is a college nearby, as well as a church, crime rates have risen over the years tremendously. I have even witnessed a man getting shot and their family waiting a while for the ambulance to show up.
Safety in this area is limited but comes when called.
The area I live in is getting better day by day, the people that live here are extremely nice and do not go a day without saying hello and goodbye. In the future I see my area growing together and everybody getting along and not have any gun violence or people fighting every night and every day.
safety in the area is bad
The atmosphere is generally ok the diversity of the area is increasing leading to more businesses and better economic standing
If I had the choice to be somewhere else I would be.
It's safe... I have not seen crimes at all around this area.
I think it's good living here, school are close, and it's safe to go out without worrying about crimes...
Rent in the city has always been crazy high.
Many people have pets in my neighborhood.
I haven't experienced crime personally.
I feel safe enough and it's familiar.
Residential area , quiet, but there is crime .
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Despite the noise and traffic, everything else is close to where i live. Example restaurants, ATM, Banks, grocery stores, and boutiques. I have not choose to live here but living here has an impact on me as a young independent undergraduate college student. I always have plenty of time to shop around and buy cheap production without having to spend bounden my budget.
Lived in this area for a very long time.
It is not a bad area, could be better. Things have gotten a bit worse over time, but it is not as bad as other areas.