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I have lived in the University District for four years. I like that UW is just walking distance from my apartment also grocery stores as well as restaurants. What I don't like is that it is not safe to park your car out on the streets. I had a bad experience this August due to my car being parked out on the street. One day around 7 a.m. someone broke my rear view window. There was no way to tell who did it. My husband had to pay out of pocket to get it fixed. My car is always parked out on the street since my apartment does not have any parking at all for the tenants. I wish that every apartment would have a parking garage, so that cars would be safe.
I like the University District neighborhood. There are friendly people around and many bus stops. Though lately there has been more homeless people around. I'd like to see all homeless people get help so they won't be living out on the streets. I also would like the neighborhood be more clean.
Dozen homeless, unsafe after dark, mediocre restaurants targeting college kids, ridiculously expensive rents; fairly frequent bus services
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A lot of college students naturally, but it would be nice if more businesses and working professionals were in the neighborhood so that there is more diversity in terms of age.
The University District is a convenient place to live while attending the University of Washington. Many places are walking distance away and there is a good public transportation system of walking is not an option. Although it is convenient, there can be some issues with crime in the area.
The shops on the Ave are great for a bite to eat, places to get cheap clothes, and the few bars have a great college vibe. The largest downfall of U-District is the homeless and crime problem. Plenty of college students north of 45th are robbed on almost a bi-weekly basis, and anything past 50th and left of 15th isn't generally safe to walk around at night.
Easy access to Downtown Seattle, Northgate, and minutes from Wallingford and Fremont. Practically every bus serving Downtown serves the U District.
Rents are getting pricey thanks to gleaming new apartments with foreign students, but street crime and homelessness still persists. Lack of much to do, but the biggest forte are an abundance of cheap eats.
If you are a college student then it is an extremely convenient place to live. Easy to understand the layout of the streets and not too many homeless outside of University Avenue. Expect the noise of college house and frat parties, because they are literally on every street. Don't expect to find cheap housing without living with a bunch of other people though; you might need to look for housing further away from campus for that.
Transient college students don't care about the community. Trash everywhere. Loud parties past 10 pm when families with small children are trying to sleep.

Easy access to most resources within walking distance: markets, groceries, food, clothes, etc. Nice food bank and libraries. Lots of friendly churches.
I enjoy the easy access to grocery shopping, fast food as well as clothing stores. But as a college student the most convenient part of the district would have to be the variety of bank branches available. The only part of the district I would like to improve would have to be the homeless on the streets. They need all the help they can receive and at time people fee intimidated when they have to walk someone in need. They are not a distraction in the community, they need to be helped in a timely manner because they deserve to have a home to stay in.
It's getting pretty bad. Just recently, a homeless person entered one of the University's dorm hall and posed as security then tried to sexually harass a student.
University District is a convenient place to live if you're a student at the University of Washington. The Ave has tons of local business and diverse food, but crime and the number of homeless has gone up.
It's the city so there is crime. Just have to be smart about it.
It's really expensive to live as a student... and it's next to the university.
I have definitely felt like I am not safe in my area.
I'm not a fan of Seattle, and I wish I would have known about my living situation before I moved in.
I have noticed that in this area it seems like there are a good amount of crime reportings so far. But also it is kind of expected since it is a very urban area in the city. The police are often spotted which is good because that means that they are out and are keeping an eye out for everyone.
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I love the area a lot and don't regret leaving my home town to come to a place completely different. This area has a lot of potential other than the fact that it is already is a flourishing area, it still has many places where it can still grow. Honestly believe that it is one of the greates cities in the nation.
There's a lot of crime that is often blamed on the unaddressed homelessness, poverty, and addiction in the area. I do believe these issues need to be addressed, but I don't think they are always the cause of problems with crime.
It's a great place to live- gentrification is the worst though. I'd definitely choose to live here again though if money weren't a factor- rent is too expensive for someone working in my field.