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This neighborhood is beyond incredible. It is so warm, welcoming, diverse, and engaged. You know your neighbors, they look out for you, offer their help when you need it, and everyone enjoys spending time with one another. 2-4 evenings per week we end up spending with our neighbors since we've moved here and they have become some of our closest friends. We love this hood, its community, and what it has to offer those who are looking to live in the city limits.
The University District in Detroit is a great place to grow up if you live in the city! It has mostly families living there, and a few older individuals whose children are grown. It is a relatively safe neighborhood, and very well kept yards. It is a nice place to go for a walk as well. The only thing I wish our neighborhood had was a walking club or some other clubs where I could get to know my neighbors better.
I've lived in this neighborhood all my life, and it's been an amazing place to grow up. Diverse, family friendly, safe, and most importantly, super fun.
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We have patrol, but packages have been stolen.
Overall, this area is pretty clean and safe. I would definitely choose to live here again. By the police station being nearby, their response time is swift. Compared to the rest of Detroit, this area is in third place: under Palmer Park and Sherwood Forest.
University District has volunteer and private patrol cars that canvass the area during the day and night. Each block has a block captain that helps communicate information to the neighbors. Meeting are held at the local church to give residents and potential residents information on what's going on in our neighborhood.
Winter and Spring and both bad season in our area. The winter has large accumulations of snow and ice. The fall thaw causes the road conditions and pot hole season to bloom.
The local police prescient Palmer Park station is great and we have a community police offer who serves our area. We see them patrolling during the day and evening. This is great because neighbors feel safe and criminals keep away.
University District is a premiere neighborhood close to Sherwood Forest, and Palmer Woods. Most homes are all brick with three and four story living spaces. The association and neighbors maintain vacant homes grass and snow to give a lived in look.
Area is great for diversity and cultural education. University District surrounded by great city of downtown Ferndale.
Many of the new jobs in the area are centralized in the MID Town and Downtown areas of the City of Detroit. A lot of growth in technology and health sciences.
Love the variety of small business on the Avenue of Fashions convenient parking and easy access.
Neighbors care a lot around here for saftey
The neighbors are friendly every time I see them.
Only bad weather would be thunderstorms
I'm not sure, I don't have much work experience.
Variety of local businesses. Most are nice.
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The area in which I reside in, is considered one of the better, more expensive area of the city.
I myself have witnessed a quick response time for the fire station to send out a truck to go help with an emergency.
In the neighborhood that I reside in we have a community watch and we have a patrol guard that patrols the neighborhood.