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Lots of college students live in this area due to the fact that the state university is about 1 mile away. Like any another off campus living neighborhood, it has it's pros and cons but is overall a decent place to live. The neighborhood gets patrolled daily, and I would say it is overall a good environment to learn and grow not only as a student but as an individual. I've been told stories about LISBON AVE that made me a bit hesitant to move here. Being just 18 yrs old and moving away from my parents to start my own life and journey, of course I was terrified! Who wouldn't be? But I knew I had to experience it for myself before passing it up and moving along. Upon my arrival, I was shocked about how quiet it was and safe it felt. It is not THE BEST neighborhood here in Buffalo, but i am satisfied with my my decision to move here and see myself being here for at least 4 more years.
I think that the Buffalo/ Erie County area is an excellent place for a student to live on campus at any of the many Universities in the area. The city is very nice, as there are a great deal of excellent outdoor parks, and there are libraries throughout which are easily accessible. As far as architecture and geography goes, the Buffalo area is a beautiful place to be. I believe that the let-down of this area is the attitude which permeates the people of the land. I think that there are huge differences depending on the specific province and locality you are at within Erie County. These areas greatly color the outlook of the people residing in it. Each district is completely separate from the next, as the overall town attitudes and general mindset of the people residing in each are very different. As a whole, I would have to say that the area seems very divided. Although, there is lots of opportunity flourishing throughout, the area truly lacks a sense of community belonging, family, and responsibility. People just don't seem to have the patience for pedestrians as they cross the roads, in public areas many people avoid contact, and others who do interact are very rude and do not have patience or the time for shared human experience. Though many may attribute this to the fiercely cold winters here in Buffalo, there seems to be a noticeable level of disconnection and a general attitude of unspoken hostility which can be easily observed throughout the residents of this town. Although I do not believe this defines this area as a whole, I find this is generally what you will find to be fact as an outsider coming to the town for the first time (Student). I believe their is great potential here in this town, and If the people could come together and dissolve some of the hospitality and mistrust they hold agains there fellow citizens, it would become a much more peaceful, zen, and enjoyable place to spend the time that your are gifted in this world.
The people in buffalo can be either really nice or they can be really hurtful.
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I live in a house with four apartments in it. It is very tight, and the walls are paper thin, but it is the only thing I can afford. I hope some day soon I can afford something better, but until then this is my home.
The police are very active, but we don't have a neighborhood watch in process.
I work full time, and school full time. I don't really communicate with to many people, I am a very friendly person but some day I am to tired to converse with anyone.
I live in Buffalo, so half of the year we are covered in snow. It's not a problem for me because I was born here, and I know how to get around it. In the last 15 years, we may have had four really bad winters but I'm still alive so is my family.
There are some great spots in Buffalo to have fun with friends or have a date in, however with the crime rate in Buffalo a lot of good places are over looked because of something that happen three doors down the block. There has also been a lot of good buildings closing because of the crime rate.
The job market is limited to the skills you have. With no job experience, it is very difficult to find employment. To live comfortably, one would need two jobs and it is very hard to find a part-time job. I know this because I am looking for one at this time, and I have yet to find anything. What makes me even more confused is that there are job postings every where but there are also discrimination everywhere.
Most of the stores in my area are great stores. We have some stores that could use some improvement, but they don't have the money for the repairs.