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I am aware of somewhat frequent bike thefts, however considering the proximity to a university, crime seems lower than I would expect.
It's a nice atmosphere, but the stress of quickly increasing rent and difficult to find housing makes moving to or within Denver stressful.
It's a college neighborhood so people are for the most part all college age and get along very well and are very friendly to each other
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Denver is a wonderful city that is full of oppertunities!
Lots of variation in housing.
Drunk college students are the main issue
It's a upbeat college neighborhood
Being right near a college, this area was very well kept, but going three blocks in any direction, you found a very different story.
Beautiful weather, but changed very rapidly throughout the day. Other than that it's beautiful.
Getting a job is tough everywhere nowadays, but Denver has more than enough opportunities if you look hard enough.
Business around here provide everything one could need, and if you find the right one it will be both nice as well as cheap. Good business overall.
Overall very safe, crime is few and far between and not really and impact on the community.
Denver has so much to offer for food, there are great restaurants of all kinds and sizes around. Always something good to eat.
The housing near where I live is fairly good, smaller and very close together but not necessarily bad. Most of the surrounding neighborhood is actually quite nice.
Many shops and restaurants are looking for employees so many college students without work study can still find a job within the campus,
It's a small campus but the different shops and restaurants are full of variety and within walking distant.