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You can find nice places to live, eat, and hang out. Right outside Philadelphia and within reach of anything you can think of. If you are think about it, do it... Just do it.
University City is a great area that has many areas within it. There's Powelton village which is perfect for older residents and houses many families while on campus of Drexel and UPenn, there's a lot of students. There's also multiple hospitals all within walking distance, making this a great place to live and be a student!
I would like to see something more diverse in terms of culture and tradition. The overall picture of this area is excellent and unbelievable. In my honest opinion, people around the are are very nice and generous. We are ensured that safety is one of the rigorous things in this town.
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Friendly, diverse, and community minded. Lots of inexpensive things to do and groups to join for all ages. It's close to several universities as well as I-95 and the Amtrak train station. Very walkable, with lots of families with strollers. Many of the public schools are bad (some are great, though), so you have to figure that out. You are close to downtown Philadelphia, so your commute, if you work there, will be minimal. There are multiple farmers markets every week in the neighborhood with food from Lancaster County, PA and Mariposa, great food co-op.
University City is a very student friendly neighborhood. It is an affordable neighborhood to live in and close to all major forms of transportation. You're only a quick ride away from the heart of the city which is a big plus!
Its a fairly safe community, public safety are always around. Haven't had any problems or incidents.
Wonderful atmosphere for being so close to Center City. Easy walk to any part of Philadelphia. Great variety of food and shops!
Great city to attend college in! Several universities surround the area, including Usciences, Drexel and Upenn! Each school has its own public safety offices, which join together to patrol the entirety of University City and the surrounding neighborhoods that students may live in. They also provide transportation to students. The city is full of diverse foods, local events at Clark park, a dog park (doesn't allow pitbulls, was very upset about that), and has access points to all major forms of public transit that can take you tocl center city. I used to work in center city and would ride my bike too and from Rittenhouse square every night. Never had safety issues and it was ONLY a 15min ride! Would recommend this neighborhood to any perspective college students.
This areas is called the West Philly and very close to the Upenn & Drexel University. Quite Safe, been here for more than an year so quite satisfied. The place is very accessible to center city (10 mins commute). Can live with Family.
There is a large presence of both police and Drexel public safety in the community.
This area is okay. It is mostly residential and removed from a lot of the shopping and dining aspects of the city.
Of course any big city like Philadelphia will have crime and safety issues. It's impossible to patrol every street/alleyway 24-7, no matter how big your police force is. I do believe safety can be an issue in Philly, especially during the night time or when walking alone, but that's when you have to be smart. You have to make sure you are always walking with someone or staying in populated areas. It's not just the police force responsible for your safety. You should be careful for yourself.
I chose Philadelphia because I wanted a change in scenery from sunshine state Florida. I wanted to try the city life and actually ended up really enjoying it. The city has a lot to offer and I love how everything is within walking distance. If I could do it all over again I think I would have chosen Philadelphia again, because I love the friends I have made here. I do not see myself here in the future to come, however for right now it is comfortable.
There are crimes in the area. However, Drexel Public Safety, Penn Police and Philadelphia Police handle the situations with the best of their efforts
The area is a great place for students with lots of restaurants and places to go.
Really hard to find parking but its a college campus. Expensive to live here. It's cheaper to live farther away from campus, but then you have to have a car and find parking, or take public transportation which is always crowded and dirty and often unsafe. But we have plenty of campus security, so its safer to live on campus too. Our school sends us text alerts whenever there is a report of a violent crime within so many miles, but most of the alerts are about the surrounding neighborhoods, not on campus.
I love the area. It is always an exciting day with things to do, however the only downside is it is dangerous at times. Police and security has increased over the years but you always still here about crime here and there. But that is what comes with living in a city. Other than that things are beautiful and fun.
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There are good options but if you see any new developments they're probably priced for working professionals as opposed to students and grad students.
There is a lot of crime and I feel like the police are prioritizing certain things that are less harmful to the community.
Im pretty introverted and i feel like i shouldnt say anything bad.