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The houses are all the same. Not very spacious and cost a lot to heat.
People who move here live here for years and years. It isn't a place you want to leave. Very pet friendly, lots of great parks and trails to take your dogs and cats out.
Some houses are being broken into or tagged. Sometimes bikes are stolen. Also, sometimes teenage troublemakers like hang around the playgrounds or streets and cause mischief.
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The atmosphere is great. The area is very safe and friendly. All the people are so nice. I would definitely live here again.
It's better than okay I guess the neighbors are very friendly
I love the view, and how close to the police I am. Good area, good people and its not really loud or dangerous.
Overall, like the area. I have fairly good neighbors, no complaints, and it is animal/pet friendly.
There are things that could be fixed, but it wouldn't be.
WELL it is Alaska we have a lot of trees and wildlife here, its all very accessible, and safe, we do have national parks and everything, which is very nice, it makes camping amazing, and the pollution is minor.
The most weather related terrible stuff that happens here is just in the winter season, it does get 40- below here and very cold and icy... so I would suggest wearing layers of clothes and coats and gloves .
The options of food and drink in this area vary from place to place, where in one place you can chill out and listen to some music , have a couple beers and play some pool with some good friends or you can go to a high end restaurant and drink wine . it depends on your night and what you feel like doing that night.
The most employers in this area is either the slope or the Wal mart , fredmeyers and Mcdonalds companies. most people are cashiers or work on the slope or are managers for other stores.
the housing here, is very optional, if you want a nice house to your desire you may have the fund for it, but most people buy houses on what funds they have.
Usually there isn't anything to complain about, but noise , and that isn't really crime worthy.
The local businesses in this area are very competitive, the mom and pop shops are fairly convenient for cigarettes and candies as of the popular stores that include walmart and fredmeyers are very popular being right next to eachother ... you can either choose to go to one or the other. I find it to be very convenient for all the strores to be near eachother because if one of them doesn't have a product im looking for then the other one must have it.
You can literally do anything in Alaska (except the beaches are a bit chilly in summer time). Anchorage has hiking and camping within 30 minutes of pretty much anywhere in town.
We have a lot of crime but often times it is drug related, so it can be avoided for the most part.
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We have lots of fire stations. We do not have enough services available for the homeless and mentally ill people living in Anchorage.
I love Alaska. The weather is ideal for someone who likes comfortable summers with lots of daylight and winters with lots of snow. Although, in the last year we have had minimal snow which has impacted the winter sport season. We frequently have earthquakes all year round, and wildfires in the summer which can cause lots of smoke.
We have awesome pizzarias and breweries in Anchorage, and a few favorites include Moose's Tooth and Bear's Tooth - which have been provided by the local brewery, Broken Tooth Brewing Co. It is a local favorite, and they offer cheap growlers and monthly specials.