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There's hardly any crime reports in my areas. There are some that hang in groups, but they aren't bothersome.
I have lived here for 12 years and I've seen some improvement. It's not the best, but it's okay.
As long as you aren't alone when walking around, there shouldn't be any problems. I wouldn't recommend going out at night at all as gunshots can be heard occasionally. Day time is a safe time.
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My area has its pros and cons, just like any other neighborhood. Drugs and crime exist and it would be extremely risky to walk around alone or at night. However, a lot of businesses that moved out of the area a few years ago are gradually returning, providing job opportunities for the youths in my area. The crime rate has dropped because of this. The general area honestly has gives me a feeling of unease most of the time, but I would choose to live here if I had the choice to do it over again. My area has a lot of potential. It just needs some love from its residents.
To me the crime rate in my area went down compared to last years. Our police force gotten better!
It's actually not that bad, this city take great pride into everyone and give support to anyone who needs it.
its ok its not the best place or the safest place, but its ok
It could be better with more crime watch meetings
I wouldn't mind staying in Dallas all over again if I had too.
It can better by providing more to the need of people
It's a pretty good area to live in.
In Texas , it can get pretty hot but there are many calm days.
As far as I know , not too much crime happens here.
There are many part time jobs around to accompany many desiring people.
There are a few bar and grill places near by.,
The homeowners assosciation makes sure the neighborhood is well kept .
This area has a lot to offer and many eating places and many homes to start families in.
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We are near several parks and lakes that are very good for outdoor activities. There is pollution in the area. Overall it is a very convened area to have a family.
There is diversity in this area and people are friendly.
This area is surround by everything. We are close to restaurants, stores, shopping centers, banks, gas stations, automobile shops, and etc. This is a very convenient area. I have no real big preference.