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I am well vast with the place there fore it can be very easy for I to settle in such a place that is to say places of such kind look to be easy for I to stay. however there are challenges that are obvious for them to happen.
The neighborhood this is in, is not great especially during the dark hours.
Downtown San Antonio has an atmosphere of fun and history. I would love to live here again. The city is always expanding in many ways.
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The atmosphere is great, people are friendly and stores are conveniently placed.
The neighborhood I live in is very nice and most defiantly safe. I've never felt endangered.
San Antonio is a great place to live, there is a lot of history and it is truly a beautiful city.
There is a police and fire station located by my area so crimes are less likely to occur due to how responsive the police are. I do not have to worry much because of how great the police station does its job.
My overall experience of this area is very enjoyable. I would rank this area at the top of a scale and would love to live here for the rest of my life because how great my neighborhood continues to grow.
The neighborhood I live in is a new subdivision. I have not experience any crime in this immediate area. The police department drive through the neighborhoods to ensure the safety of the community. The police are very active throughout the city to help prevent crime.
The overall experience in this area is beautiful and I love it. The atmosphere is nice and I would choose to come back and live here anytime versus living anywhere else in the country. I believe the area and the community will continue to grow. The city of San Antonio celebrates the historic events with festivals, parades, concerts, marches, art shows and Fiesta. It has historical sites and landmarks throughout the city. It will always be an unforgettable experience and event when visited by tourists. Our city is a highly recommended place for all to see.
not many interactions with neighbors unless the offer is put out. Everyone keeps to themselves, but many of kids go to the same schools as their parents so they all have that common pride for the local school.
There are a few bad apples in this area. Mainly teenagers getting into trouble and robbery cases. Police and medical services come quickly.
In this area, there are nice people, mainly older people. There are not many restaurants around, but the ones near are fairly good. The school around this area is an elementary school named, Frank Madla. They've improved the school with the staff, equipment, and the school itself. This is a good area for families who want a small quite area.
I genuinely enjoy where I live as opposed to other areas I've seen and stayed over
It's slowly improving. There is no difficulty in locating and reaching convenience stores and grocery stores.
theres some volience, but either way women are never fully safe.
it is great love it been here all my life .
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ive lived here my whole life and its not the best but I would have rather live else where.
The nightlife in this area is about average once again. Only because the people that attend these places is what makes the nightlife average.
Employment in this area is about average not everyone likes what they do but it helps pay the bills.