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It is what it is... Not incredibly crime ridden but you do need to be aware of your surroundings
Nothing major makes the living experience bad or unbearable, but likewise, nothing really boosts the living experience to a new high
The housing here is okay. Most buildings are old or are the affordable housing for poorer people.
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Our neighbors have lived here for a while. I don't feel a sense of community, but I love next to a few schools and a church that provide that for other people.
I haven't necessarily witnessed any crime, but I have gotten my bike and car stolen from both inside and just outside my apartment building.
Since staying in this area, my car has been broken into twice. There was nothing the police could do but fill out a police report. Don't really hear about a lot of killings but fighting happens.
I think the area I stay in is convenient. It's close to downtown and the United Center. The area is up in coming with new constructions and businesses. I wouldn't move if I had a choice.
Not a lot happens in the area, but we do live near the United Center so there are naturally a lot of crowds often.
The area seems very quaint, but I love it because it is especially close to Downtown, Chicago.
The cost is very affordable and there are no vacant lots
Has good opportunities for kids to have summer jobs but not really involved with school
The area is properly cleaned for the most part and the police are around sometimes
Its a bit dangerous but it seems to be getting better.
The area is currently in the process of being gentrified so a diverse group of people is started to move to the neighborhood and more companies are are coming into the area. When I first moved to the neighborhood it was a bit dangerous and unsafe and there wasn't even a grocery store near by. Now restaurants and grocery stories are started to open up locations in the area, however, there is still crime.
There isn't a lot to do nearby, like restaurants and cafés. We have a park but its not very well maintained. If it were more centrally located I would be happy.
It's ok on the street I live on but, the surrounding neighborhoods are the problem. When I live in the suburbs, my family felt safe and we could enjoy sitting out on the balcony not to worry about a possible drive by shooting. It was very peaceful. The advantage for my family living in the metro area is that it is close to my school and my parents job. We are also not to far from the Chicago Bulls United Center!