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I have not had to worry about my safety or my families safety in this area. Everyone stays in their own lane and mantains their private life
This is a great are for kids. It is quiet and a friendly neighborhood, In the time that i have lived here i have not had to rry about any safty issues or cime isssues in my area
Violence is not common here, but every once in a while crimes do occur. Usually, for minor assault and theft charges. As long as I stay to yourself and don't engage in conversation or communication with anyone I know ill be fine. The police are sporadic in my neighborhood, I usually see them when something has happened or they have been called to a scene. What I have noticed is a strong domestic violence presence in this neighborhood. I have neighbors that have extremely loud disputes with their spouse almost every other night. Sometimes the police will respond to this.
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Overall, my area is decent. All basic services such as, markets, laundry mats, gas stations, drug stores, beauty supply stores and transportation are all made accessible. The atmosphere most of the time is fairly peaceful with little to no violence. There isn't any sense of community due to the fact that a large portion of the population are middle eastern and they stay among themselves, maybe because of the language barrier. The sidewalks and streets are not in good condition, they are cracked and ridged and have caused a lot of accidents. In my future I would not choose to live here because I prefer environments that are up-kept and have a more inviting atmosphere and sense of community.
I have had to incidents in this past year when I had to call the cops. The police showed up more than an hour later. I now bought myself mace so I can defend myself because calling the cops is a waste of my time.
It's an ok neighborhood. Rent is too high to move to a better neighborhood. Everything is so expensive and the government seems to only help those who are unemployed. The working class struggle more just to make ends meet.
I enjoyed it, very convenient and close to stores and my old work and school
There are always people outside who are unfriendly. they are either drinking, smoking, and or doing/selling drugs. This happens at various times in the day and its consistent and annoying to the people who want to be positive and have a great future to be around such bad habits. personally i do not have children but if i did i wouldn't want to raise them in such an environment. if i did they would think tat the things going on around us would be normal, and it isn't. I rated my experience as "It's bad" but if i did have children it would have been rated as "It's the Worst".
The area could be better. Maintenance is good, but more police activity should be here.
It isn't getting better nor worse, the types of jobs are consistent throughout the neighborhood.
There are many shops and stores throughout the area. The variety between small and big businesses is well balanced.
its alright, not the best
There are alot of parking space
There is plenty of corner stores.
There are a lot of crimes that occur around this neighborhood and there are barely cop cars around
I don't see a lot of jobs hiring people therefore there isn't a lot of job openings
There is a gym, but the parks are further away from the nighborhood
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The housing is very old and there is barely any working heaters in the winters.
I live near a highway therefore there is not a lot of trees or any outdoor activities
I feel safe in my area most of the time. There's never been a time when I felt threatened or in danger.