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Housing is fair, but there is many uninhabited buildings that are falling apart
This town is more visibly inhabited by college students who are attending the college nearby. Most of the business is catered to students especially the shops downtown, however with that said, it would be better to make some of the smaller shops more visible to students in order to boost business and economic opportunities for the community.
The community isn't very packed because of the unemployment rates. Aside from the downtown area, elsewhere is pretty unsafe to walk alone at night. P
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The overall area of the community lacks in essence: People. Because the people are leaving this city, there has been houses, infrastructure, and roadwork that has fallen to disrepair. And because of this falling reputation, more people will try to leave as soon as possible in their ability leaving this city to be more of a ghost town than it already is.
The general atmosphere here has been unhappy ignorant, arrogant, and oblivious. Most people here do not recognize how certain policies are detrimental to this country. Most people are rude here and think that they are that life revolves around them. Most are oblivious to what is going on in the world and how it will affect us. Most people are unhappy here because they are never satisfied and their life revolves around money. I believe this is because this city is the most post Christian city in all of America (2015).
Where I used to like, the properties were well-maintained but some areas (poverty area) in schenectady are not well-maintained.
I know that the community are friendly. Some people lived there for a while and tend to know few people. There are a lot of people with pets, a lot of events in the area including in the school.
During the winter, there are a lot of snowing, a few are blizzards but it did not impact my life here. During the fall and spring, there are some thunderstorms but it did not impact my life either, you just need to make sure you are inside a building when there are severe thunderstorms. During the spring and summer, schenectady is beautiful.
Like I said, there are tons of restaurants in that area, some closes after midnight because Schenectady is also a college area as well, where there are many students who go out at night. I have been to a few restaurants and I tried their food and they are so delicious. You actually do not need a car, you can walk to those places with friends.
Schenectady is a small town, I lived in a dorm at Union College for four years. There are restaurants and local retails around or near the school. Most of the students go to downtown Schenectady, which is a very popular place because there is tons of things to do especially, during spring and summer, and maybe in the fall when they hold parades or some festivals for special occasions. If people have cars, you can go outside town to go to the mall, which take about 45 minutes away.
winters are specially hard in this area.
it is hard to sell a house in this city, housing is average.
There are no businesses in this city, no employment, no opportunities to grow.
there are neighborhoods that are unsafe to even drive by them. Los of people in the streets who are not in school.
Price Chopper has very good quality but it is too expensive. I don't go there much and when I go I feel I am paying too much.
Lots of variety and accessibility. Range of prices from low end to high end.
I live near downtown and it's great to see it thriving and growing. Restaurants, bars, the arts, and retail shops continue to exist as more and more people are frequenting the downtown area.