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The area feels really safe, police are usually visible patrolling. My friend got mugged walking home from work late one night but it was really unexpected because of how safe the area usually is.
It's a great area, I love attending school here.
St. Paul is a beautiful place to be. Since moving up here from Prior Lake for college, I have never looked back (other than for family, of course). The atmosphere is great and the people are kind. I had to think real hard to come up with anything negative to say about this part of the city.
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Opportunities if you know how to look and have connections. Depends on field, experience, etc..
Some crime occurs and there isn't much involvement from the community but all in all it's okay.
Have wonderful neighbors but it is right near a college so mostly apartments and college students renting. But close with certain neighbors.
While some may not be able to handle the bitter winters, Minnesota offers all the seasons and is an enjoyable place to live. Love to be able to have hot summers, cold and snowy winters, and everything in between.
Great food, great people, good service. Many options in a pretty close area.
Very diverse businesses. Many are locally owned with unique products and shopping experiences. Very enjoyable.
Great variety in architecture and it feels like a homey neighborhood
I always felt super safe
It can be extreme during winter and summer but it's fun!
Lots of variety and it is all delicious!
I don't live there anymore but am considering moving back
Lots of mom and pop stores which make it fun just to window shop
SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW
St. Paul has a wonderful selection for food and drink opportunities and some of the best places to hang out at night!
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The opportunities for jobs in the area are ENDLESS!
St. Paul has a wonderful home town feel to it. The amount of local businesses for such a large metro area is wonderful!
If you want to be healthy, you won't be alone. People love to run up and down Summit and along the river.