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We’ve lived in this area for over 5 years, & love the beautiful historical Union Park. You can walk to the downtown farmers market, walk to the botanical garden, so close to the best trail system in Des Moines. It’s close to all the fun places in Des Moines! The folks are very friendly & comprised of mostly quiet older people or sweet young families. Everyone knows each other & there’s a real sense of community which is really nice. When we first moved here our neighbors all introduced themselves & were very sweet & welcoming “we even got cookies!”
There is very little crime in the area, borders on a university one side and a high school on the other side.
The area is quite clean, and quiet.
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This area has a lot of opportunities for young families, in education, child care, job security, a lot of help wanted signs at all the various fast food places, also various well known business's. For entertainment, this city is widely recognized for its night life and the varieties available for all ages, there is something enjoyable, at all hours, and every day of the week. A lot of area business have conferences, due to the fine quarters available to all area business's. The local government have done a fine job of attracting new business's to locate in the general vicinity, with alot of variables that is attractive for new businesses to choose this area to locate, also for the local education, possible employee base available, schools, general overview of quality of life for their employees to be relaxed with. The local newspaper always keeps everyone in touch with what is always about to happen.............
I am not old enough to go to a bar and have a drink therefore I do not know what the nightlife is like.
I want to be an elementary teacher and in this area there are a few schools that I could work at however, it does not really matter where I teach at because money is never going to be great in my career field.
There are not a lot of business within my area. This neighborhood which is Union Park only has one business which is a Quik Trip. Now right outside of this boundary there are fast food restaurants and places like walgreens. But there is a lack of other businesses.
there is no beaches or mountains around iowa!
Its number 1 burger in the city !!
Forbes listed Des Moines at the #1 city for young professionals
There is not that many places to shop besides grocery stores, gas stations, automotive shops and drug stores and other smaller stores however if you commute 10-15 minutes away you can find basically any store you need including local and national chain stores