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I feel that most of the crime is towards the convient stores around the area. ue to abandoned homes around May be a breeding ground for crime.
People that keep their area messy are moving in around the area. There seems to be more crimes reported on the news in this area. I would say low middle class area.
You can usually see a police car everyday, but they seem to take a long time to respond to some calls. Bad things happen everywhere, so I can't say its horrible here. There are some shootings sometimes in my neighborhood but never on my street. Generally at night I feel safe if I'm walking with someone. In the day time it doesn't really matter. My only concern would be the responding time of the police.
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I'm sure there are worse places to live. I had a great life hear, but there are things I wished I had not experienced here. To be honest you can see the best of both worlds really, and see what life is generally like. This isn't a horrible place. The schools have gotten better, and you usually don't even have to lock your doors. I would suggest to get a dog. They are helpful. San Antonio is going to be changing. There will be more things to do and hopefully it will be safer.
Nothing really dangerous has ever happened. A few graffiti writings but nothing serious.
I love this place because I grew up here. It is one of those places you'll miss when you leave but you can not wait to leave.
As a community we can get along.
crime from what I have seen in my neighborhood seems okay, from what I heard it used to be worse.
The safety in this area is like any other area. Anywhere you go there is crime. Police are not always around the area, maybe once in a while. Most of the time for accidents, rather than drug or real criminal crime.
Not many cops, steady crime.
There is many dogs out in the streets.
You usually see policemen when driving. Some can be very rude though.
There's always trash in the streets. Homeless people are at almost every corner. It's becoming very crowed, the traffic is getting worse. People tag buildings left and right. You always see kids left unattended in open, front yards. There are stray animals everywhere.
So far its been okay.
I've lived here more than half my life. It is the BEST!!!
Out of the 13 years I have lived here, my neighborhood felt safe up until the last 3 years. We have had a 2 cars broken into in the last 2 years, and 3 cars broken into the last month! Our neighbors had some tools stolen from one of their trucks, while we have been robbed of stereos, speakers, clothes, designer bags, shoes, and more. Also, the occurrence of gun shots has increased from once a night every night, to a few times a night, every night. Our neighborhood has gone downhill, and I no longer feel safe walking outside at night anymore.
I have no concern with the San Antonio Police Department. When they are needed they serve.
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The area I live in has always been considered a poor area, but as time passes by we are getting more restaurants, stores, and organizations to open up. Slowly we are becoming a more developed and more wealthy community.
Vandalism happens every once in awhile. Domestic issues at home.
Love it. Everything's in walking distance. Friendly neighbors