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I have lived in Ukrainian Village for 16 years. It is a very good neighborhood and close to my heart. In the recent years it has become more gentrified and the prices of real estate is going up, but compared with other parts of the city, it is not still not too bad. There are a lot of things to do and cool cafes and restaurants. It is conveniently placed (close to downtown).
Have lived here about 22 years! I moved away for a year and came right back! Everything is close by, theres bars, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and plenty of parks. Apartments are pretty overpriced, theres less and less houses more condos.
I love this area, it's very safe and there's plenty to explore. The streets are lined with all types of restaurants, and getting downtown is very simple. It may get very crowded some days when going downtown, but in general, commute is decent. It's a growing area!
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This is by far my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. It is not at all crowded and my experience with all the neighbors have been very friendly. The area feels very safe and there is no short of restaurants and bars to go to. If I didn't have to go to work everyday, I would never leave my neighborhood.
Ukrainian Village is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Ukrainian Village's atmosphere and the environment is very pretty and nothing less than boring. Ukrainian Village is very diverse in scenery and population. In terms of population, Uk. Village is very ethnically and economically diverse with a large LGBTQ+ presence. This neighborhood is a very great location within Chicago, very close to lots of iconic neighborhoods, great CTA access, very close to Downtown, and within direct vicinity of major Chicago expressways. Lastly, Uk. Village is VERY SAFE. The neighborhood has low crime and good policing. All around, you can't go wrong with Ukrainian Village and I highly recommend moving here.
People are awesome, always ready to help. There are also a number of small shops with everything you need. But if you ever miss a big city, it is in 30 minutes from this calm and authentic place.
I lived in Ukrainian Village for 2 years. It is a quiet little family friendly neighborhood with hidden bars, european grocery stores and hipster friendly coffee shops like star lounge, west town bakery and the Dark Matter mothership. With its proximity to Humboldt Park and East Garfield Park it can still be a little rough around the edges (literally and figuratively) but it is generally quiet and peaceful.
I have been a resident in Ukrainian Village since I was six years old and I could never feel more safe. From the bakeries to the festivals, this place makes you feel more at home then any other neighborhood. There has never been any violence or crime problems besides graffiti. Other than that, This neighborhood has many family friendly restaurants. There are so many amazing restaurants here. Roots is my favorite pizza place and it's a five minute walk. One thing I love about this neighborhood is that everything is right around the corner.
Coming from a Mexican decent/family we feel a little out of place here, but yet so welcomed. Lately we have been seeing a little bit of crime coming into this village, especially through out the night and at times even in the afternoon. I actually do love this place, and actually do recommend it to people.
The area has a great energy and atmosphere. New businesses and restaurants flourishing, great sense of community.
For a city of its size, Chicago offers lots of green space with it's many parks and lakefront recreational areas. Lake Michigan is lined with beaches, a bike trail, and plenty of boating activities.
My neighborhood is bordered by a few areas that have historically been gang-ridden and unsafe. I think things have been imporoving slowly as time goes on and more young families are moving in to these areas.
I think Chicago in general has great emergency response. My biggest concern after this winter would be snow removal on smaller side streets so that services can get through to reach everyone
It's Chicago weather---hot, humid summers and cold, blustery winters :) Gotta love it!
Most of the people I know who live around here work in downtown Chicago or are in graduate school and working jobs in restaurants/bars.
My roommates and I really enjoy the night life in our neighborhood. There is a wide variety of restaurants with cuisine ranging from Japanese to Argentinian steak houses to Vegan breakfast. Whatever type of meal you are looking for, there is surely a restaurant in our neighborhood that will satisfy your craving-- and at any hour. In addition to the food, there are plenty of cool bars to enjoy. There are a handful of dive bars tucked away on residential corners, sports bars that bring you back to your college days, dance bars, and more. It is really difficult to go out around here and not have a great time!