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The crime around here is mostly drug related so its not to bad. For the most part everyone feels safe enough to sleep at night.
It's not the worse area but its not the best either. Its somethings that need to change and better for the community. Some days its great and some days its like you want to call the police.
There is always a park around the corner and places to take pets also. Outdoor activities everywhere you look. It's top notch
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A lot of housing choices to choose from and residential construction is active.
We have crime but it's mostly harmless to other citizens. Usually petty theft or domestic. Police are always active.
Sunshine and more sunshine with some rain. It gets hot but shade is around every corner.
Many, many, many different places and cuisines here. If you can think of it, it's already waiting to be served to you.
Numerous jobs to choose from but as the city grows so do the demand for a decent position. For anyone trying to move up, supplemental education and most likely a degree well be your best bet. I have personal witnessed what I believed was the better qualified person get passed over by someone outside of the company, and new to the field, due to having a degree. Also we desperately need to bring manufacturing business back to this area. We need apprenticeships. There is a gap in our job industry from the laborer to the manager. Most job postings at either entry level or bachelor level.
Business is booming with a distinct variety of choices. Downtown is the home of multicultural business experiences from small boutiques, salons, restaurants and outdoor activity shops. Outside of downtown is where you'll find the chain sites such as Wal-Mart, Publix, and so on. Every need and want that I can think of, can be found here.