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Twin Oaks - Glen Hills Reviews

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There are some improvements that can be made with crime and safety in our neighborhood. They are around for people to noticed that they stop by but need to work on response time to actual crimes.
I love where I live although some changes could be made. Our community is working toward important the neighborhood and that's why I love it because we have a lot of unity and passion for where we live.
my area is somewhat saafe
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its kind of rare for me hearing gun shots specially in my area or my neighborhood.
i dont mind buying a house in the future in my neighborhood, its way too peaceful.
I was standing on the bus stop one morning, and a group of guys attempted to rob me until the bus showed up. In our old apartments, gunfire was heard from time to time, and a bullet came through the window and passed over my nephews bed.
Some areas are very nice and seem upscale, but five minutes down the lane, the neighborhoods will appear to be the slums. Dallas is like this all over. Some of the houses are really good quality homes despite being built in the 1960s, while other are not maintenanced very well.
This is Texas. The weather does what it wants to do. It can be 30 degrees in the morning and 90 degrees by noon. There can also be snow on the ground at 12pm and no sign of it, including the cold, by 4pm.
There aren't many 'good' jobs. There are fast food, wait in, and retail jobs available. There a re jobs downtown, but really most people take what they can get.
I haven't shopped much, but from what I've seen, they are all pretty much the same. Some friendly, some okay.
The super Target has the best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in this area.
We have high crime in the area...
The business community is small...
Poverty is strong in this area...
There's opportunity for people to find jobs around here.
Police and firemen get ti the scene pretty fast
Crime doesn't happen to often and police will get to the scene fast if a crime was to occur
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You get any you're looking for around here.
People there are friendly and nice.
There's a couple of parks where people can exercise and and a couple of gyms people can also exercise.