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Twin Creeks Reviews

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There is hardly any crime in this area besides the occasional teenager pranks.
This is a great place to live. Great schools, safe neighborhood.
Really safe. The police department is just down the street
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Boring but safe suburban area
The Rancho Grande down the street makes the best burritos, that's all I'll say about that
Health and Fitness is okay, sometimes I put on some weight from the burritos at Rancho Grande so I exercise to make up for it
Crime is nonexistent here but that just makes the police breathe down your neck for the slightest offenses, so when that happens I go down to Rancho Grande to get a burrito
Housing is okay, the neighborhood homeowners association breathes down my neck regularly though so I escape the stress by grabbing a burrito at Rancho Grande
Weather is great, I mean it's sunny sunny California
Employment can be pretty tight due to competition in the Bay Area but it's all good
They're alright, I mean nothing special but that Rancho Grande down the street makes the best burritos tho