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Generally the weather is pretty nice. You get all four seasons. Winters can be brutal, with variable snow fall amounts each year.
Baltimore has the highest heroin use in the country. Workout facilities, outside of the school, are hard to find. However, there are a lot of runners/joggers in the area. More hospitals than you can shake a stick at.
When it comes to professional sports, the area is very involved. With the Ravens and Orioles here, it is difficult to not be routing for the home team. Generally pet friendly, although not a lot of good space for dogs. Community outreach is there, but localized.
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With many universities in the area, many people come from outside of the area. A not insubstantial population is from outside of the country. Within certain niches, they are very friendly to new people.
Live here because my school is here. Probably would live here if I had a choice. If you have a car, the surrounding areas outside of the city do contain many activities and places to visit.
There are some estuaries, and parks that can be visited, but overall Baltimore is a city, which means if there is a park or grassy area, it is in the outlying areas or a small patch.
Baltimore is a tourist town, with novel areas like Hampden and the Inner Harbor drawing guests. However, living here for a while reduced the novelty of the area. Although there are things like Artscape every year, and HampdenFest. The National Aquarium is a large draw to the area, as is the Ripley's Believe It Or Not?, and Fort McHenry
There are areas that are in noticeable disrepair, attracting more criminals. Well lit areas, that are traveled by security and other people are generally safe. Construction, which decrease visibility and lighting can make areas more problematic. Police are generally seen during the day, not night.
Improvements to walkways, and making streets more pedestrian friendly means that the area is improving in terms of walkability. Potholes are a big problem. Parking is not abundant. Public transportation is available, but not always reliable when it comes to time tables.
Baltimore is a city of row homes, keeping with the industrial and port routes of the city. Living near the harbor is expensive, but the area is relatively safe and cared for. Charles Village, Rolland and Guilford are cared for areas, with less crime because of the active patrols of the school security and the money of the area. Any area near East Baltimore, and the Greenmount area is high poverty and high crime. BGE is the electric carrier, with well controlled costs. Comcast holds monopoly on cable, and also holds many internet customers.
Jobs are generally available, particularly for students and post-grads. Main employer in the area, and the state is the Johns Hopkins University.
Do not participate in the local government things. Wide variety of hospitals available in the area. Strong police presence. Poor road quality.
Trend towards smaller stores, with some chains in the more populated areas. Generally have to travel out to other cities to go to chain clothing stores. Large, stocked groceries are uncommon.