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its a great community where most of the kids who reside in this area come to the same school so it's nice for the kids to make friends. All the parks are clean and well maintained and the grass is green.
The cost of housing is expensive and the availabilities are limited. Many houses around this area are gated, but even the non gated communities are very safe.
Community events are planned from time to time, however some neighbors are not friendly. Many seem uptight and don't bother engaging in conversation. The community is pretty pet friendly, many are dog and cat owners. The neighbors have lived in the area for many years.
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The crime is very low in this area. My house is close by both an elementary and high school. The police do a good job of keeping the area safe.
I'm scared of the dark, but that's just part of me. There's absolutely no reason to ever feel unsafe in Irvine. The most dangerous hazard in Irvine would be slipping in a puddle or tripping.
I love Irvine. I've been living in the same house in Irvine for 18 years (since birth). I think it's an amazing place to raise a family or for anyone that isn't looking for a constant adrenaline rush. It's true that Irvine might not be the most exciting place, but it's an amazing place to live. The air quality is amazing (fresh air everywhere) and it's so peaceful but still close to everything you'd ever need. There's food from almost any ethnicity you can think of within a 15 minute drive and if you ever want to drive further, there's some pretty famous places only around 45 minutes away in LA. The city definitely has every day-to-day necessity and if you ever want to get some adrenaline pumping there are tons of options within an hour drive or less. I really love Irvine and I've committed to UCI so I'll be sticking around for at least 4 more years.
Safe and friendly environment! Very clean, but has it's own bubble.
It is hot all year except for about 3 months around winter. Although it is often hot during winter as well. There is a severe drought occuring right now.
This area is a great place to live in and raise a family. Fantastic education and safety.
There is a good variety of great restaurants in this area. There is particularly a great amount and variety of Asian cuisine due to the high population of Asian cultures in the area. There are significantly more chain restaurants however than their are local ones.
Protective services such as fire stations, police, and emergency medical services are very good in this area. Other public services such as road maintenance or waste management are also great. I feel that the local representatives, state representatives, and the governor are all good. Irvine is run exceptionally smoothly.
It is not always easy to find a job that you are not overqualified for. The population in Irvine is growing quickly and it becomes harder to find jobs as population increases. Most of the people immigrating to Irvine are educated and high skill workers. Therefore it becomes more difficult to find jobs that you are qualified for and provide a good wage.
I can definitely get everything I need in this area.
A quality park is in walking distance. Also there is a nature trail right beside the area.
You have to make an effort to be friends with your neighbors. Usually we just greet each other and that's about it. The community is ver pet/family friendly.
The close proximity to the beach and big shopping centers attract people to the area.
Irvine has been ranked every year as one of the safest cities in the U.S. I never worry about crime or fear for my safety when I'm in Irvine.
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Irvine offers a bunch of different types of food.
Irvine is a rich city so the majority of housing is nice.
It's Southern California so the weather is usually warm and sunny.