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The Turtle Creek Neighborhood is very a quiet and close net community. You have people from all different races and ages that stay here. The neighborhood also gives you a family oriented feel, you have kids running around and you also see people walking their dogs or talking to their neighbors.
Currently living in the newer part of Turtle Creek, called Turtle Creek 2. It is a quiet neighborhood where most patrons speak to each other and keep to themselves. It is also a neighborhood watch participating community!
I was only in 7th grade when we moved. The streets and roads were always kept up and maintenance d throughout the month. The crime is lower even though a lot of crimes have taken place where I live. There are more job opportunities because it so close to growing businesses. I'm happy that my mother choose this area to live. It is just a totally better atmosphere from where we lived previously.
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public services in the area are actually very well.
the biggest event in the area is by far the Christmas in Avondale event
JTA international airport is a very good form of transportation but besides the the transportation is very medicore
the local businesses in the area are sole proprietorships and mom and pop stores.
there is very low crime in the area as its upscale and very nice
there are plenty of fast food places around the area
the neighborhood around the area is truly upscale.
the weather is very polarizing, either hot or cold
This area has great places to eat and do some shopping but, need more anchor stores as well as a book store.
Housing in this area are very nice and the yards are kept up and there is enough room between each house.
The people in this area will always attempt t lend you a helping hand if you need one, hey always greet you with a smile and a handshake and are model citizens for our entire city.
The job market in this area is steadily growing