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Although crimes seem to have increased in Stamford, I would say that it is mostly concentrated in some areas of the city. The police do a good job of making sure that the general public is safe.
What I like about Stamford is that it is very diverse. There are people from all kinds of backgrounds here. The downtown area comes alive at night, and it is where you can find some of the best food.
Great jobs in surrounding areas, not so much here.
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As places go, the weather here is fantastic.
Nice house but not in the boondocks
Winter has problems but it does everywhere else too
Everything's clean except for the beaches
People tend to stay here for a while
Lots of people choose to live healthy lifestyles
Very safe for being so close to downtown
Most people in Stamford are from here or nearby
Fair mix of local and big businesses
High Ridge doesn't have the best options, just ok.
Perfect location - close to shops but still quiet.
Although few sidewalks, safe for walking & biking.