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Tujunga is a small neighborhood. I would say it has plenty of places to eat and everything is local but you just have to be careful with the neighboring city, Sunland.
Family oriented. Either you grow up here and never leave or you always come back. Mostly quiet, though we have ma y community events.
Safe, scenic, close to major freeways, on the doorstep of Pasadena, affordable area of Los Angeles, nice and friendly people, peaceful, wildlife and fresh air, What’s not to like about this place? I’m surprised it’s not full of hipsters claiming to have discovered it first, but that’s a good thing too!
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Over the past couple of years I've noticed this neighborhood developing into somewhere highly desirable to live, and fast. Lots of re-modeling and new build homes emerging, several artists and film industry people moving into the area. You can definitely feel the change. It's becoming not so much of a secret anymore, Tujunga is a great area of Los Angeles to live.
Moved to Tujunga 3 years ago from Hollywood. I love the rural feel to the place, lots of great hikes, great views and some lovely mid-century style homes. Much more affordable than most areas of Los Angeles, but a much higher quality of life in my opinion. Cleaner air, friendly neighbors, quiet and safe, easy commute times to Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale. Nearby La Canada has some nice places to eat out, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts etc. Pasadena only 20 minutes away. Haven’t regretted moving here for a second! A new art gallery, performance space and maybe coffee shop, is currently under development on Commerce Avenue and will hopefully attract in some new life, eating, shopping establishments once it’s done.
I’ve been living here for over 2 years and I don’t like this neighborhood. Housing is expensive for such an ugly area. Our rent goes up $100 every year and we’re paying $2400 for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home that’s less than 900 sq feet. There’s drug addicts that come to your neighborhood on Sunday night and Saturday morning to fight over trash. There’s drug addicts just hanging around the streets begging for money or high on drugs. People think they’re entitled to running stop signs and speed through neighborhoods. There’s not much parking or you have to park on dirt. It’s unsafe to walk the streets because of reckless drivers that don’t share the road; there’s no sidewalks. Traffic is terrible on Foothill. I honestly don’t get what the hype is about in this city. Not a family friendly area and I’m glad we’re moving out next year.
I've lived in the community for over 50 years. What once was a great place to live has become a cesspool. Traffic is terrible. Housing is horrible and unaffordable. There is to much development crowding more people into a small community. There is limited resources for local activities, shopping, restaurants and other food places. To much traffic, to many speed bumps, and stop signs, the reducing of double lane roads to single lane roads for a bicycle lane which is rarely used and is in the minority of roadway use, It has created more traffic back up and aggressive drivers. and as far as I am concerned, to many unnecessary and useless pot shops, lousy auto repair shops, and non-essential retailers. It is a community in a steady decline of growing depravity.
I moved to Tujunga four years ago and since then I have seen lots of growth. The location is convenient because it is close to major cities and it is not as crowded as other cities around us. The rent in this area used to be reasonable but since the recent growth in this area the rent is keep going up.
Tujunga is a city that comforts people. It is full of small shops and motels that make you feel like you have gone back to the 80's where everything was secluded. It is definitely a place for retired men and women, families, and people who crave homey areas. The schools provide excellent education for your kids and the area is very safe.
this neighborhood is quiet. It's a rural part of town.
not many delivery services are here. not much family activities either. We don't have any big box stores. I wish we did.
Tujunga is a nice small community where everyone knows each other. The only problem I see with Tujunga is that there is not a lot of diversity. I would like to see different cultures and communities.
Although Tujunga is the only place I've ever lived I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. There's so many nice people and everyone looks out for each other.
Tujunga is a great place to live. It's quiet and neighbors are friendly. But had few problems living here. Once I caught some random guy walking into my driveway and when I confronted he ran away. And other time someone threw a rock at my car and broke my rear window.
Tujunga is an interesting place to live. My family moved here when I was 5 years old and 18 years later, I still live here. The community is close and there's always community events, such as the 4th of July Parade and the Summer Watermelon Festival held at the local park. Tujunga is a small town located near the Angeles National Forest so being a local is great because you learn all the fun hikes/trails that lead to amazing views and waterfalls.
Great area with great people. Most people here are low income. The streets are getting crowded as more people are moving in but the traffic is still relatively good compared to central Los Angeles.