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Every city, state, has their own issues. Plus, depending whether it is the suburbs or the ghetto, crime is different.
Living in Kansas City, Missouri is a great experience. The Plaza is the best place to go whether it is day time or night time. At night, the lights are lit and it seems as if it is a magical place. There are multiple places to go for a beautiful, calm, peaceful scenery-like. Downtown has plenty of bars, clubs to enjoy, and different restaurants to try out. When going to places, it does not take that long to get to, it is simple and easy to get to.
It's a exponential growing city with thousands of possibilities.
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It's a bad neighbor hood a lot of shooting
There's not a lot of crime in my neighborhood but there is more in other parts of the city.
There are a lot of things to do. Good restaurants, good shopping, and lots of people to meet.
You see a lot of polices everywhere especially at night but when theres crime and you call the police they come later on, they don't go immediately. There is not alot of crimes here but when there is I would probably need for the police to be there as soon as the get called.
I like Kansas City because of it's temperature, it doesnt get really cold and yes I would live here again if I had to do it all over. I would rank this city 2nd and what I see in the future is prospering jobs and more people getting into college.
Its possible that when you walk out of your home that something intersting will happen to you.
No, I wouldnt choose to live in this neighborhood again. Its a high-risk town for crime.
The atmosphere is calm in my neighborhood but not in my city. I see crime rates going up for the future of this area. If i could do it all over I would, because I have learn to grow up here. Although I will not let my children grow up in this area.
I love this are because even though it isn't a nice place, it teaches each and everyone of its residents the struggles of life. It has allowed me to navigate through life without fear of superficial things, and to always find a way to make ends meet. Living here is like the saying, "It either breaks you or makes you," the metro area has defiantly made me.
The housing options could be better and the maintenance needs serious work.
The public transportation is easy to access and follow. The bus stops are in walking distance.
There are many jobs that offer employment, but mostly during seasonal times. There are also a lot of small businesses and seem to hire more people with experience.
There are many bad parts of this community but also parts of the community that works together to bring in a sense of community. There is violence but there are also times where neighbors join together to make this community stronger.
i never really got a chance to eat out at restaurants much while i lived here
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there arent that many local businesses located in this area and i've never been to any...
the neighborhood is pretty quiet and there are just a handful of small businesses around but they're mostly family owned and so only a few people who arent family members work there
a lot of choices and authentic food