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The Police seem to be very prompt and are very nice and courteous.
There are plenty of job opportunities, plenty of activities to do, and the area is a good size, not too large and not too small.
I think that our police force does a very good job at keeping our town very safe. We did just recently have a cop that was shot and killed in a domestic violence call. That was very tough on the town and people of course did not take it lightly. I think that since that time our police task force has increased the way they do things in the community.
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I love where I live! The people a nice and polite. And you feel a warm welcome wherever you go in the community. I see Fargo doing great things in the future, as it already has.
General atmosphere is upbeat and friendly, Fargo has great colleges, high safety, lots of parks, and a low crime rate. I would live in this area again. I would say fargo is one of the top small cities in the nation. I see Fargo continuing to grow.
Nice and safe but very boring. Good schools and a nice place to grow up.
Housing is one aspect of this area that is very good. It is not hard to find a place to live here, whether it be a house or apartment.
I am not very into this aspect of the community so I could not give a very strong opinion on any of those.
The employment is okay, meaning that there are a lot of part-time jobs available but most are stressful jobs that nobody enjoys.
The area has quite a variety of stores and shops. I can easily find anything I need in this area, which I love.
I believe that this area has a lot of fast-food options but lacks high quality restaurants for a lower price. If you want something healthy to eat that is inexpensive, it is very hard to find options.