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Housing is EXPENSIVE! No matter where you look, it's difficult to find decent housing for a good price. There are very few abandon properties. It's interesting though because on 1 street, there could be a crappy, rundown apartment complex and right across the road there are million dollar homes. It's..odd. But whatever.
I have lived in this area for about two years now and I enjoy living here for the most part. The area is very pet friendly and I feel comfortable where I am at. Privacy is a bit of an issue but that is because I live in an apartment..not the community itself.
It seems to be fairly safe, although I do hear police/fire truck/ambulance sirens every day. I tend to assume that it has to do with car accidents rather than crime but I am not really sure.
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There are a lot of outdoor things to do for kids and adults of all ages. It's also a safe and fun community. What I want to see in the future is more schools because the schools I attended had too many kids that classrooms would over flow with students. There wasn't enough desks and chairs to go around.
General atmosphere is friendly, environmental conscience, and easy going.
Beaverton is a nice and it's probably safer than Portland, but it is just too far from everything! I am not a mom with three kids...I'd rather be closer in where all of the culture is. But...Portland is wayyy too expensive, so here I am. In sweet little Beaverton.
The rain constantly makes holes and blurs the street lines
Lots of local businesses

and they're friendly and nice and have variety
Certainly not my fave city to go out to eat but it has its own variety
Its certainly not the best nor the worst neighborhood Ive lived in
Many businesses are currently hiring, I see lots of signs in windows.
Tons of variety and choices. Shopping is easy, no matter what you are looking for.